Retreats & Private Classes

Resin Courses & Retreats

3-hour Retreats - Next up: October 22nd, 2022

Yoga - Brunch - Mimosas or Wine - Resin Project: $85 - $125

One hour of certified yoga coaching, appropriate for all levels; gourmet meal with mimosas or wine; simple resin project on a custom KNA Design wooden board. Price depends on the level of the project.

In-depth classes teaching resin preparation, techniques and practice

Set of 4 Coasters & Nightlight: $75-100 3-6ppl; $110-135 1-2ppl

*4 Coasters - either 4” Square or 5” Geodes - Molds to Keep for future personal projects for higher price listed

    • Materials for molds and resin/inks/glitters/tenting to cure

    • Includes Nightlight hardware

    • Time = 2.5hrs total

+$15 to above prices: Cutting Boards - One wooden cutting board half-poured with resin

    • Includes a “pour off” coaster or nightlight with extra resin

    • Materials for board, molds, resin/inks/stones/tenting to cure

    • Time = 2.5hrs

    • Next Day: Sanding/Extra Seal/Project Trim w/gold or silver leaf - can join or Mishalene to finish

Alcohol Ink Courses

Alcohol Ink Classes: $25-55 3-4ppl; $35-60 1-2ppl

Technique to Learn Class: $25-35/hr or $45-$55/2hrs

    • Materials - Practice Yupo Paper, Alcohol Inks, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dryers/Blowers, Sealant

Project Class: $50-60/2hrs *Must have at least one hour of a technique class first or combine

    • Materials - 10x10” Prepped Canvas or Yupo Paper; Alcohol Inks, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dryers/Blowers, Sealant